Thursday, 3 October 2013

Global Weather Change - Scary!

Eric Alexander, Frances' husband, watches Al Jazeera’s English TV news Channel, which gives a world weather review each day.  This year, he noted the:

Heavy rainfall, with extensive flooding, often with loss of life and much homelessness, has been reported in 63 countries from Afghanistan, Albania, and Algeria to Switzerland, Somalia and the USA. (Total tally - 63 countries!)

Highlights from June-September 2013 alone include:

“Danube at all-time high”
“SW monsoon in India arrived a month ahead of schedule”
63,000 missing in unprecedented floods, north India
First-ever flooding reported by Calgary resident, Canada
19 firemen killed fighting wildfire in Arizona
“One month’s rainfall in 24 hours” reported in Toronto
A week of flooding in China, death toll expected to reach 100
“Canada’s worst wildfire” hits Quebec province
Floods in Puerto Rico after unprecedented rainfall  
Temperature in Shanghai hits new maximum
Bosnian govt requests international help in fighting wildfires
High winds in Bolivia topple power lines
Forest fire fanned by strong winds near Brazilian capital
First ever red drought warning in China’s Hubei province
“Worst ever” floods reported in Manila
“Worst floods in over a century” in Eastern Russia
San Francisco state of emergency: wildfire threatens power & water supplies
“Worst flooding in decades” in NE China -
Over 50 dead, thousands flee their homes
“48,000 people made homeless” by floods in Niger
“Thousands flee their homes” in flooded Mali capital
36.5C “hottest start to spring” in Alice Springs, Australia
“Warmest winter on record” in New Zealand
Japan hit by tornadoes, then extensive flooding in south and west
300 flee homes before wildfire in northern California, at least one dead
“Worst ever” floods in Colorado: thousands flee homes
Helicopters searching for survivors grounded by more bad weather
Mexico’s “worst weather crisis since 1958” strands 40,000 tourists
“Worst drought for 30 years” in Namibia and south Angola
Hospitals struggle to cope with malnourished infants
“Super-typhoon” Usagi shuts port in Hong Kong
Thousands made homeless by floods in Philippines
30,000 driven from their homes by floods in Brazil  
27 provinces in Thailand experience flooding
Thousands affected by floods in Cambodia
Parts of Western Australia report wettest September in over 100 years
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