Thursday, 5 September 2013

End of the Summer Holidays!

My name is Haaniah and I've been at the environment centre over the summer holidays. I had an extra long summer holidays this year, having finished school in June and preparing for university, so I though that coming to the environment centre would be a good use of some of the time that I had free. My brother came with me my second day and liked the gardening and activities so much he ended up coming back with me on most of my days in.

Over the summer I have done lots of repotting, watering, chatting and planting. The new location is a really great space and has an awesome atmosphere. The volunteers really make the place and so interesting! Jobs like cleaning out the kitchen and creating a puppet show were not so bad at all. Some of the boys even volunteered to clean the toilets! We are all knitting a communal scarf and every week there are some new fruits or vegetables ripened for picking. Every time I come there is something different going on; its the variety that I enjoy the most.

I'm looking forward to the Wycombe harvest on sunday - we spent today sorting out herbs to take there.

Im going to pass over to my brother now :)

Hi! My name is Ibrahim, I decided to come becuase I'd heard so much from my sister and I was sitting at home bored when I could be doing something useful with my time. I have done tons of stuff including making a puppet, forking up the new herb garden, reorganising shelving in the volunteer room, sorting and polishing tools, making stick protectors, helping with prep for the Harvest, and weeding.

We have both had a much better summer than we would have without the Environment Centre and look forward to its future successes. We'll definitely be dropping by in the holidays to see how everything is going.